JM Consulting & Systems have extensive experience with both products TmaxSoft, and with the competition on the basis of this ready to provide the following free services:

  • Describe about the correct positioning of the TmaxSoft product with customers on the Russian market
  • Explain the rules of licensing of the TmaxSoft products compared to its closest competitors
  • Organize sales training for partners
  • Make the presentations about TmaxSoft products for customer and discuss the technical details
  • Assist partner in conducting webinars for customers
  • Develop the optimum solution for the customer base on TmaxSoft products
  • Create specification with emphasis on the benefits of TmaxSoft software for the particular customer
  • Calculate optimal TmaxSoft pricing
  • Check the correctness of the specifications of the partner / customer
  • Help with the organization of the POC (Proof of Concept) for partner and if needed functions developing. Help in the organization of stress testing on the customer system
  • Provide technical assistance to the primary partner for installation and debugging database Tibero (TmaxSoft)
  • Register a potential deal in TmaxSoft (even at the stage of the discussion)
  • Explain the principles of the affiliate program (structure of discounts, marketing, rebates)
  • Help partner in conducting marketing activities with customers

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