Mainframe Modernization Solution

OpenFrame: a complete rehosting product set that moves mainframe applications into a multi-tiered, x86 environment.


Somewhere in a dusty corner of the data center may be your mainframe COBOL and Assembler applications. While they continue to provide important day to day value, they may run on slower and expensive to maintain hardware. Worse, these applications may utilize outdated non-SQL data structures and almost certainly are not designed to use modern tiered software design.

To make matters worse, the available pool of technical talent to do anything about it shrinks daily.
You are not alone. In countless enterprise data centers are the seemingly endless applications that just seemed to resist any attempts at modernization, until now.

Enter OpenFrame:

By providing automated conversion tools and support for a variety of COBOL compilers (including our own), OpenFrame presents a simple single path forward to modernization. Without changing any application business logic or environmental JCL coding, OpenFrame can quickly re-host applications in a tiered design on x86 Linux/UNIX hardware. One can then easily extend the application into a Mainframe as a Service model, dovetailing nicely with hybrid/ private cloud infrastructures.

Automatic Migration of COBOL, 4GL, 3270, Web/html from Mainframe
Summary of Key Features
  • Unchanged applications
  • Conversion to faster and cheaper x86 hardware (Linux, UNIX)
  • Conversion to tiered, cloud ready software architecture
  • Legacy code review for efficiency and use patterns
  • Fastest time to deployment through an automated and integrated toolset

Rapid Implementation and Time to Deployment:

OpenFrame -Rapid implementation

While alternate solutions require years of effort and disparate third party tools, OpenFrame offers a complete and integrated automated environment. Our customers find that even the most challenging projects conclude in about 12 months, with positive ROI in 18 months.

Reduce Implementation Risk:

With OpenFrame we capture your COBOL or PL/1 applications (written for CICS and IMS DC), corresponding JCL programs and utilities, and any RACF/ACF2 security all at once. This target is then analyzed for efficiency using OpenFrame automated tools. Our customers typically find that around 20% of the application code have never been executed, so many lines of code can be eliminated without impact. This assures the project will produce improved performance results even before considering the advantages of faster and newer hardware.OpenFrame then further reduces the effort and time required for acceptance verification. Because OpenFrame has its own built in test tool, users can quickly determine that business functionality is preserved with needing to learn, setup, and manipulate a third party test tool.

OpenFrame as an Interim Solution:

For many organizations, the ultimate solution for mainframe applications is a fully rewritten application using a language like JAVA. But such major rewrite projects require time and risk, with both hard to mitigate. Meantime, the mainframe hardware costs continue to rise. Many TmaxSoft customers have chosen to use OpenFrame as an intermediary step. This way they get it all: the advantages of faster and cheaper cloud infrastructure now, and fully rewritten applications later.

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