JEUS and WebtoB

Web Application Framework

JEUS, WebtoB: new levels of security and performance for both web and web application servers.

Is your current Web Application Framework living up to expectations, in terms of security, throughput, and cost? TmaxSoft offer a complete suite of synergistic and interoperable products that will raise your standard.

At TmaxSoft, we consider middleware the nexus for a distributed multi node environment. Our experience is that the key factors for a successful implementation are load balancing, client inflow and request control structures, optimal performance and throughput, and security.


For static web page delivery, WebtoB provides key advantages in performance. Our multithreaded architecture allow a single process to handle multiple client requests, improving throughput considerably. Its disk and memory caching also contribute to speed, and provide stability. High availability is achieved through load balancing and clustering, and no interruptions are experienced when adding additional nodes. WebtoB also offers advanced queuing capabilities when loads are increased.

WebtoB also supports access control lists and secure sockets layer to improve security.

Summary of Key Features
  • Increase data security by eliminating open firewall ports
  • Improve performance through built in clustering and dynamic scaling
  • Standards adherence provides easy deployment and co-existence


For dynamic web page delivery, JEUS is a complete and compliant EE6 web application server (WAS), and interacts with other third party WAS deployments. Like WebtoB, it also supports load balancing and caching, utilizing a domain style environment. Its multiplexed I/O provides faster throughput. From a serviceability point of view JEUS can automatically restart failed nodes, and offering a rolling patch update features so that nodes need not be brought down to patch.

JEUS also fully supports the Oracle Notification Service to indicate the need for failover remedial action. Coupled with a service completion feature that commits an operation after failover, service interruptions are minimized.

TmaxSoft Web Application Framework: Improved Performance and Security

When WebtoB and JEUS are used together, first the performance is improved by sharing memory and eliminating the network traffic required when two products are deployed on two servers. Also, the two can monitor each other’s nodes and load balancing to insure coordination.

Beyond that, the use of the two products together produces some remarkable data security advances. Working together, the products can sense and remediate a Denial of Service attack, minimizing its effect on other legitimate requests.

Furthermore, the products support a “reverse” concept, whereby JEUS polls WebtoB to see if there are any requests. This is important: most web servers exist outside the firewall, and most web application servers are inside the fire wall, requiring an open port in the firewall between them. The open port offers a potential point of compromise.
By eliminating the open port, the entire class of attack is eliminated.
JEUS & WebtoB Reverse Connection Diagram

Ask yourself; does my current implantation provide this class of performance, reliability, and security?

If you are not sure, call and let us provide an alternate solution.

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