Applied solution allows for complex automation tasks of operational and managerial accounting, analysis and planning of trade operations, thus ensuring the effective management of modern trade company.


Comprehensive automation

JM consulting & systems has an examination in the field of construction of comprehensive information 1C:Enterprise 8 systems for the companies of various directions of activity with allowance for features of carrying on business. All projects developed by experts of JM consulting & systems personify examination on business objects of the Clients depending on a direction of activity or branch.

  • Holdings
  • International companies
  • Industrial companies
  • Construction firm
  • Consulting companies
  • Lending agencies
  • Trading companies

Working with the companies of above-listed directions of activity, we develop the individual concept of the project, including all features of their operation in the Russian market.

1C system integration

Experts of JM consulting & systems execute projects of integration of data systems, both on the basis of the 1C software products and on the basis of software engineering of their own. JM consulting & systems has the examination in the field of automation of various kinds of the cost accounting and of business operation.

  • Accounting according IFRS and GAAP
  • Management accounting
  • Industrial accounting
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Accounting and tax accounting
  • 1C:Payroll&HR
  • Solutions for logistics

Extensive practice of automation on the basis of a modern 1C:Enterprise 8 platform allows to create effective data systems which solve the problems delivered by the client and promote reduction of material and time expenses of the company, higher labour productivity and productive efficiency and raise competitiveness of business as a whole.

1C consulting

JM consulting & systems renders consulting services in the field of accounting and tax accounting, automation of management and comprehensive integration of business applications.

Support and maintenance

JM consulting & systems renders services of information and engineering support of data systems on 1C:Enterprise 8 platform to everybody corporate client. Services are rendered to the Customer by the personal manager who knows features of his accounting and current working conditions.

Staff training

JM consulting & systems provides education to the employees of the Client companies and teaches personnel to work with integrated data system. You can choose group or individual training format depending on your user’s requirements, skills and operational experience.


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