The new solution for database security ChakraMax

The new solution for database security ChakraMax

The South Korean company WareValley, specializing in developing database solutions, has made a strategic decision to expand its presence and the region to start a business in Russia. The first product that the company decided to offer from its portfolio for Russian users – audit system and the protection of databases Chakra Max. The product is not new: Chakra Max is already working in more than 3 thousand companies worldwide, mainly in Asia, told CNews the company JM Consulting & Systems..

According to the developers, Chakra Max product, first of all, was created for the protection of the database as a database compromise can lead to financial losses or the closure of the business. The solution allows you to organize entry in the database is only permitted transactions of authorized users, as well as to carry out an audit of all records in the database. The system can operate in two basic modes: passive mode – only produce audit user activity; and active – in addition to the audit Chakra Max can produce masking business-critical data, to carry out the database access control at the transaction level (to allow the execution of acceptable and unacceptable to block the transaction).

According WareValley, Chakra Max has a high speed by using its own built-in Peta SQL database column (WareValley product) compared to the database of the line type. The system works on the major platforms: Unix, Linux and Windows. Database List works with Chakra Max, including: Oracle, MS-SQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ, Teradata, Informix, Tibero, Altibase, MySQL, Cubrid, Symfoware, including hardware and software systems Exadata and Netezza.

WareValley products will be distributed through a partner network of the Russian representative of the company JM Consulting & Systems, which will also provide first line technical support. In the first phase JM Consulting & Systems will assist in the installation and configuration Chakra Max, will continue to organize training on the product.

According to CEO of JM Consulting & Systems Jang Min, «Chakra Max must quickly take its share of the Russian market due to the quality of the functional and aggressive pricing.”

To attract interest from Russian customers and partners, the company JM Consulting & Systems announced additional reductions in force until the end of 2016

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